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What is the OID for the DOCSIS Cable Modem IP address?

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The RFC-2670 [1999] document is the normative reference in OC-SP-MIB-HOST-2.X-I10-100507

[RFC 2670] IETF RFC 2670, Radio Frequency (RF) Interface Management Information Base for MCNS/DOCSIS compliant RF interfaces, August 1999.

for DOCSIS information and in there is the OID

Which is the OID for the IP address assigned to the Cable Modem.

docsIfCmtsCmStatusIpAddress OBJECT-TYPE

SYNTAX IpAddress

MAX-ACCESS read-only

STATUS current


"IP address of this Cable Modem. If the Cable Modem has no

IP address assigned, or the IP address is unknown, this

object returns a value of If the Cable Modem has

multiple IP addresses, this object returns the IP address

associated with the Cable interface."

::= { docsIfCmtsCmStatusEntry 3 }

there are later specs that extend this [say the Cisco spec] at that add IPv6 addresses.

So the question is simple, which is the correct OID to use to obtain this value, and are there extensions planned to support IPv6.

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Internal Reply:

1. The normative reference, RFC-2670 in the OC-SP-MIB-HOST-2.X-I10-100507 was obsoleted by RFC-4546 in 2006 (the reference in the Host2.x MIB spec was for textual conventions defined in 2670). Thanks to the author of this question-- They will review the MIB specification and update with an engineering change request.

2. The object docsIfCmtsCmStatusIpAddress has been deprecated and should not be populated.

3. From the description of the deprecated object is the text: "This object has been deprecated and replaced by docsIfCmtsCmStatusInetAddressType and docsIfCmtsCmStatusInetAddress, to enable IPv6 addressing in the future". *Important Note*: These objects are for DOCSIS compliant 2.0 CMs. Hence, use these objects to locate the management address of the DOCSIS 2.0 CM.

4. For DOCSIS 3.0, the two objects in (3) above are deprecated. Instead use the DOCS-IF3-MIB. The table, docsIf3CmtsCmRegStatusTable, contains the IP address(es) for CMs in single or dual stack mode (IPv4 and/or IPv6). This MIB can be downloaded from CableLabs DOCZONE.