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Unable to see devices on home network

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Joined: 2010-06-17

I downloaded RI installer from,+Rel+A) and installed in two PCs.

I connected both PCs to NETGEAR router.

Now, I ran RI simulator in both the PCs hoping that both will discover each other.

Unfortunately, I always see two devices listed (through device list option) and I think they are showing themselves as devices. One device is of type OCAP_HOST and another is of type MediaServer.

I don't see the other PC connected in the network.

Does RI advertise itself by default? or is it enabled via some configuration? Am I doing anything wrong in setting up the environment?

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Joined: 2004-06-19

The RI advertises itself by sending ssdp:alive messages when it launches. Ten messages are sent periodically. No special configuration is needed.

Setting the friendly name will confirm seeing the RI server. You set a property to uniquely identify the server on each of your PCs.

In the file: $OCAPROOT/bin/$OCAPTC/env/, set

If you run the application $OCAPROOT/apps/qa/org/cablelabs/xlet/DvrExerciser

you should see both servers with names as defined by the property. The default is OCAP Media Server.

To troubleshoot your problem, consider that the router may not be transmitting the UPnP messages. A tool like wirshark can help you sniff the message traffic.