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Unable to add home networking permissions to an app in RI

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I am trying to add home networking permissions to an app in RI but with no success. I have modified the permissionrequestfile-1-0.dtd found at RI_Stack\java\src\base\org\cablelabs\impl\manager\xml and built new RI.
In the application permission following permissions are added and yet application is not able to gain HN permissions.
<ocap:homenetpermission value="true" name="contentmanagement"/>
<ocap:homenetpermission value="true" name="contentlisting"/>
<ocap:homenetpermission value="true" name="recording"/>
<ocap:homenetpermission value="true" name="recordinghandler"/>
Do I need to make any other changes to obtain HN permissions for my app?

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Joined: 2008-12-17

I am not sure you needed to modify the permissionrequestfile-1.0.dtd file.

You should only need to update your xlet's perm file to include the HN permissions you want.
Does your xlet have the appropriate appId level for the permissions you want?

Take a look at the DvrExerciser's permissions file for example of an xlet that has HN permissions granted to it: