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scheduleRecording method of Scheduler class has unused parameters in the method signature

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Hi Team

I was navigating through the recording code flow. In RecordingManagerImpl class scheduleRecording method of Scheduler class is called.

This method has unused parameters in the method declaration.

Parameters "startTime" and "duration" is not used anywhere in the method.
I have mentioned the method signature below. These parameters can be removed from the method signature and from the references as well.
void scheduleRecording(RecordingImplInterface recordingImpl, long startTime, long duration, long expirationTime, boolean isRecordingStarted).

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Joined: 2008-12-18

Yeah - there's a list of things I'd like to change about Scheduler.

I can make this change. But it will still be in the "penalty box" as far as I'm concerned.

I'll update this issue when I make this change...