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Joined: 2009-03-04

We suceeded in launching ODN application on our STB platform based on RI 1.1.4 Rel-D.
After that, I have been trying to test HomeNetwork(client) functionaility with ODN application.
When ODN runs on our STB connected with DMS, can't show any remote contents from HN SERVER.
I found some suspicious log messages from ODN. Please check the next messages.

[RI.Stack.StdOut][INFO] Dec 20 13:06:05:937 W pool-17 nav_mrdvr_content HNSource.receivedContentList() : uuid:c637f882-bd50-11db-

9bdd-6ae0ac408a00 - Processing Full Initial Seach of 8 recordings.
[RI.Stack.StdOut][INFO] Dec 20 13:06:05:968 E ODNTP:0:process-uuid:c637f882- bd50-11db-9bdd-6ae0ac408a00 nav_general

NetworkRecording.setRecording(): Null ODN Recording Options

According to the log messages, ODN searched 8 recordings from network but couldn't get in it.
It seems that RI is not able to parse metadata properly.
Is it a known bug? The version of ODN I'm testing is 4.0.2 E3.

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Joined: 2009-07-25

During the July 2010 CableLabs HN interop, some issues surfaced involving the RI and the HN features of the ODN. Some bug fixes and workarounds were put into a temporary version of the RI, in order to get the ODN running on the RI during that event. We plan to include the bug fixes in Release 1.1.5 of the RI. Some other outstanding issues are:

1. Serialization support for MetadataNode was missing in the RI. This has now been added to the RI trunk code, and will be included in Release 1.1.5. However, it is not available in any of the 1.1.4 branch releases, including 1.1.4 Rel-D.
2. The RI stack strictly enforces java permissions in the area of introspection.
3. The RI stack strictly enforces the use of the correct URI namespaces supplied by the DMS.
4. The RI stack strictly enforces that the parentID parameter of ContentServerNetModule.requestSearchEntries() is 0 to search from the root container.

Given the above, a special build of the RI is currently required to support the current version of the ODN. If the outstanding issues are not resolved prior to the next HN interop (currently planned for March 2011), that build will be made available at this event.

Joined: 2010-11-04

I'd like to fix the bugs before the RI release 1.1.5. (specially, serialization support for MetadataNode)
Would you please let me know what files do I have to get from trunk tree? I want to test trick play functionality with ODN.

Joined: 2008-04-23

You can build off the current HN code that is available in the trunk, which contains the candidate code for 1.1.5.
As referenced in the 1.1.4 Rel-E Release Notes, the fixes not included in the 1.1.4 Rel-E Release are described in