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Request for SDK Test Scenarios

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The RI team is in the process of expanding our SDK test plan.
The following WIKI page provides some insight into the normal regression test scenarios that are run with each RI release:

Pleaes respond to this post with additional test scenario suggestions

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Here is a summary of the tests we currently execute. Suggestions on improving this list are welcome.


  1. Using the file downloaded from the public site, install under Windows XP.
  2. Using the file downloaded from the public site, install under Linux
  3. Uninstall the SDK following all default prompts and check for complete uninstallation.
  4. Verify that the information in the release notes is accurate.
  5. Check the accuracy of the information in the Help and About boxes
  6. Check the accuracy of the readme.txt file
  7. Compare the list of expected contents with the files produced during installation.
  8. Check the accuracy of the information in the QuickStart Guide

Use Cases

  1. Create a project without any template.
  2. Create a project that uses the SimpleXlet template
  3. Create a project with the HelloWorld template. Compile and run it.
  4. Register an OCAP RI Bundle
  5. Configure the permissions that will be located in the application's .perm file.


  1. Run TuneTest. Many tests of changing channels.
  2. Change the channel map and then change channels.


  1. Check that when the RI Emulator is running that you cannot start another instance of it.
  2. Stop the RI using the TWB-> Stop command.

Various configurations

  1. Create a launch configuration and execute an Xlet
  2. Execute an Xlet and attach to the debugger
  3. Test all buttons on the launch configuration dialog
  4. Test all buttons on the channel map dialog
  5. Add another RI stack and register it. Run an Xlet with the new and one with the old.
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