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Recording Media file visible through package

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I am trying to understand the OCAP DVR Spec (Section

"Implementations are not required to make files created for recordings on DVR media volumes visible through the Package."

As per my understanding of this usecase, the Recording media files should not track by package. That means if any application trying to list all the files recursively from the MSV path then the recording files should not be get listed.

Please correct me if I am wrong anywhere.

To test this usecase with Reference Implementation, I have written some code in test application to record a program in default msv and then list all the files recursively under default MSV using File.listFiles() API recursively.

String path = defaultMediaStorageVolume.getPath();

File msvFile = new File(path);

File[] files = msvFile.listFiles();

and in the logs, I have observe that It has listed 0000000000.mpg and 0000000000.ndx files too.

Please tell me if this is a bug in RI or is the correct behaviour.


Pradeep Gupta

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Joined: 2008-12-18

Well, a MSV *can* be a general-purpose file system. And the RI supports both a visible GPFS MSV and an opaque MSV

Here's a bit more of section of OCAP DVR I06 (Storage Management):

  • Implementations are not required to make files created for recordings on DVR media volumes visible through the package. Implementations MAY allow applications to store and retrieve general purpose files on a MediaStorageVolume using the package, but are not required to do so. Since media content is referenced through locators generated by the platform, an implementation MAY use multiple platform-specific files to represent a single media locator and MAY use storage architectures that differ significantly from typical file systems.

So in the case of the RI running on the MPEOS/RI-PC, it is allowing access to the MSV's GPFS. But applications should not expect this to work across all OCAP implementations (both RI-based and non-RI-based).