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Joined: 2009-03-04

While running ODN in CableLabs(Dev 1 Network) with RI 1.1.4 Rel.J , I have encounter error message below.
Is there anyone have idea to resolve issue below ?
19700101 00:00:39.183 INFO RI.Stack- 1265132 [main] INFO service.ServicesDatabaseImpl - Found AbstractService: 0x12345
19700101 00:00:39.350 INFO RI.Stack- 1265299 [main] INFO signalling.XaitParser - Read SvcInfo: AbstractServiceEntry[20094,true,App Launcher]
19700101 00:00:39.371 WARN RI.Stack- 1265320 [main] WARN signalling.AitParser - unknown descriptor encountered [212,4]
19700101 00:00:39.373 INFO RI.Stack- 1265321 [main] INFO signalling.AitParse ="mailto:org.cablelabs.impl.manager.signalling.XaitParser$XAppInfo@f07095e2">org.cablelabs.impl.manager.signalling.XaitParser$XAppInfo@f07095e2
19700101 00:00:39.375 INFO RI.Stack- 1265325 [main] INFO signalling.AitParser - FormatFailure during AIT parsing
19700101 00:00:39.378 INFO RI.Stack- org.cablelabs.impl.manager.signalling.AitParser$FormatFailure: application_information_section CRC does not validate
at org.cablelabs.impl.manager.signalling.AitParser$SectionParser.assertTrue(Unknown Source)
at org.cablelabs.impl.manager.signalling.AitParser$SectionParser.application_information_section(Unknown Source)
at org.cablelabs.impl.manager.signalling.AitParser.par
at org.cablelabs.impl.manager.signalling.AitParser.parse(Unknown Source)
at org.cablelabs.impl.manager.signalling.DavicSignallingMgr.loadPersistentXait(Unknown Source)
at org.cablelabs.impl.manager.service.ServicesDatabaseImpl.bootProcess(Unknown Source)
at org.cablelabs.impl.manager.service.ServicesDatabaseImplExt.bootProcess(Unknown Source)
at org.cablelabs.impl.ocap.OcapMain.startApps(Unknown Source)
at org.cablelabs.impl.ocap.OcapMain.main(Unknown Source)

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Joined: 2008-07-03

I was able to do a fresh capture of the ODN XAIT off the plant and parse it with the RI without any problems. The only possible explanation I have for you is that your set-top is delivering corrupted MPEG sections to the stack.