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NoReason Denial now does what it should do, unfortunately

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Checkin 18480 added code so that if notifyNoReasonAlternativeMediaPresentation() is called on AbstractServicePlayer the associated PIDs with the streams are blocked.

This is what was asked for, the previous release would test to see if the reason was 0 and if so the PID was not blocked. Sadly, we still have the case, it would appear, that the authorizer is generating these events and so all presentation is blocked.

Even if we call isFullAuthorization() on ComponentAuthorization we would get false returned as there exist within the ConditionalAccessMediaAuthorization object a List of ElementaryStreamAuthorization objects, some of which would have denied set true.

Any clues on how we could go about fixing this in the Stack, or will we have to get the authorizer fixed to generate the correct events.

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Are you requesting a flag that would bypass or ignore Media Access Authorization and Conditional Access ComponentAuthorization checks that may return false for isFullAuthorization()?