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non-volatile storage

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I'm trying to find a place where I can store a log file from within the MPE layer. There is a function called mpeos_filesysGetDefaultDir which returns the default path for the RI. I'm assuming I can write to some sub-directory there? Is there a document somewhere that describes the layout of this directory structure, and where a safe place to place a log file may be?
I'm assuming that there's some path within the default dir that maps to the non-volatile storage of the device, whether this is flash or a hard disk (DVR)... is this true?

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Joined: 2008-07-03

The implementation of mpeos_filesysGetDefaultDir is provided by your porting code, so it returns whatever you want it to. In the end, the MPEOS port defines everything about the local filesystem. MPE is platform-independent code, so it doesn't create files on its own since it can't even assume that NV storage is available. The stack doesn't assume any particular root directory structure. When you register your MPEOS filesystems (in mpeos_filesysInit()), you tell the stack what the mount point is for each filesystem. So, in the end, you may write files anywhere your native filesystem allows by using the mpeos_file* APIs.