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Multiple TSBs in a TSW. Will that not violate TimeShiftProperties.setMaximumDuration()

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If the application sets the max duration to be 60mts then the stack would create TSBs of size 60. But when an interruption occurs and multiple TSBs get attached to the same TSW, the content that would be buffered would be more than 60 mts because they span across multiple TSBs. Is this not violating TimeShiftProperties.setMaximumDuration().How would the app know that the stack is buffering more than 60mts.

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Joined: 2008-12-18

The "maximum" duration is not a hard maximum, it just represents (per the setMaximumDuration() javadoc) "the maximum duration of content that MAY be buffered for this ServiceContext. Informs the implementation that storing more content than this is not needed by the application owning this ServiceContext.

The way the OCAP DVR extension is written, an app can really only know how much the implementation has buffered via the TimeShiftControl, as the implementation is really allowed to buffer as much as it likes (beyond the minimum duration set via TSP.setMinDuration() and/or BufferingRequest.setMinDuration()).