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MSV is full, but Recording metadata is getting updated with valid size !!

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Hi All,
Please Consider a case where two recordings are initiated on a user created Media Storage Volume:

Recording A (on service 1) is initiated with duration of 10 minutes fills the MSV (in its 4th minute) and transitions to IN_PROGRESS_ERROR_STATE.
Once the Device is full. Recording B (on service 2) with 2 minute of duration is initiated : It is expected to go to failed state as the MSV is full.

What I can see in convert_event_cb of Mpeos_dvr.c : Even if the User created MSV is full and cannot accommodate the next chunk of data. Then also we go and update the recording metadata content by updating os_RecFileInfo.

As the metadata file is getting updated with the TSB conversion data. When recording size is queried it will return non zero value as length. Which will make the final state of second recording as incomplete as the metadata shows that this recording has some content (1 or 2 sec )

What puzzles me is : If the MSV does not have space to accommodate further chunk of conversion data. Is it correct to update the recording metadata file with the length & size of the tsb converted data.

I think that the recording metadata file should be updated only if the volume can accommodate the incoming chunk of data from the TSB.

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I think you should open a bug for this issue. We just need a "break" statement inside the disk usage check.

This also exposes flaws in our "simulated" DVR environment a little bit. All of the logic that simulates the presence of storage devices and storage volumes lives in MPEOS, while all of the logic for actually recording media to disk lives in the PC Platform. The PC Platform will always successfully write a chunk to disk as long the physical storage device on your PC has the necessary space available. So, technically, updating the recording size in the metadata is correct. However, since it will cause the stack to think that a recording is bigger than the MSV will allow, I still think we should fix it as described above.

In the future we may want to move the logic controlling storage devices and storage volumes down to the PC Platform.