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mpeenv.ini changes for IT-249

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One of the deliveries on trunk (rev.13724 - IT-249,RISK-medium: Combined persisted video output port with coherent config.), one of the enviroment files was modified: RI_Stack\bin\CableLabs\simulator\Win32\debug\env\mpeenv.ini. Shouldn't be the change reflected also in the other enviroment files (win32 release and Linux debug/release platforms) ?

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Joined: 2009-07-21

The modification to mpeenv.ini was that I added the a new setting for testing purposes. I checked the change into Win23/debug as you note, and then later into Linux debug (SVN rev 13911). Since the new setting is a setting for testing only, I didn't add it to either of the release targets, but I have no objection to adding it if there is a need to.