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MIManager::queryibs(oid) - should it disregard NO_SUCH_OBJECT PDUs?

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This question relates to the development of the SNMP feature in which a master SNMP is used to provide data for this method. It is really a confirmation that it is understood correctly.
The interface description of queryMibs() says "Existing leaf and table items SHALL be included in the results; branch-nodes without data SHALL NOT"
So if a leaf OID is queried on this method comes back with a PDU containing a value 0x80 meaning SNMP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT, is this what is meant by a "branch-node without data" in which case should it be removed from the returned MIBDefinition array?
I can simulate this on the RI with - hrSystem->hrSystemDate.


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I think you are correct: if you receive a SNMP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT, then that OID should not be in the returned MIBDefinition array.