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List of SI Tables used in OCAP-RI

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Could you please anyone tell me which all are si tables used in ocap like pat,pmt,cat, nit...etc..

is there any doc/site available to describe all table details , that is used in ocap.

i feel little bit difficult to find from ocap specification document.

...Thanks in advance..



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Please refer to OCAP spec section 'Annex T: OCAP SI Access API' which describes in detail various SI Profiles and the associcated tables for out-of-band channel. For OOB, the RI implementation is Profile-3 compliant which includes processing of - Network Information Table (NIT-CDS, NIT-MMS), Short form Virtual Channel Table (SVCT-DCM, SVCT-VCM) and Network Text Table (NTT-SNS).

On the in-band side OCAP requires processing of Program Association Table (PAT) and Program Map Table (PMT).