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How stack select the storage device for a MSV ?

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Hi All,
Whenever we initiate the recording by creating a OcapRecordingProperties with MAV as null, The recording is initiated in one of the default MSV of either I1/I2 device with MSV path as simulator /debug/env/storage/I2/OCAP_LSV/0/0/default. While for user defined it goes to env/storage/(I1/2)/OCAP_LSV/APP_ID/ORG_ID/MSV_NAME.
As per mpeenv.ini file :
# Device#=Name, Display Name, Type, State, Size, Media FS Size
STORAGE.DEVICE.0=I1,Internal One,I,IC,171798691840,170724950016
STORAGE.DEVICE.1=I2,Internal Two,I,IC,171798691840,170724950016
My question : With the above configuration defined in mpeenv.ini file. The list of the devices returned from the config files should always in the order of device1,2,3 i.e. I1,I2 and D1. While for TSB the default path is always env/storage/I1/TSB but for recording/msv the device for the User defined MSV keeps shifting from I1 to I2.
I want to understand the rational, why stack sometimes prefers to use I2 instead of default device I1 ? OR How stack decides which device to use for allocating MSV ?

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This may be an issue we have known about for quite some time. If you would like, you can file a bug about this.

I do want to point out that the spec allows the implementation to choose any device it wants as the default device. It also does not say that the implementation must use the same device each time it starts up. However, for development purposes I can see how this can make things confusing, so if you file a bug, we will get it taken care of as soon as we can.