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How to run an application(Xlet) on OCAP

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Hi friends,
Can anyone of you tell me how to run simple applications on OCAP?
I have successfully implemented the CirclesXlet application on OCAP by the help of a CIrcleXlet.class downloaded from net.
But when i try myself to compile the file and then run the class file which I get from this,, its not loaded. The same thing happens with other applications too.
Here are the lines which I get on the Command prompt(terminal).

0110510 07:50:38.006 INFO RI.Stack- 8860 [pool-2] INFO security.Policy - Permissions for (15205 file:/syscwd/qa/xlet/ <no certificates>) are ( *)
( * own)
( * own)
( /oc read)
( /oc/- read)
( *)
(org.ocap.application.OcapIxcPermission /service-2/signed/*/*/* lookup)
(org.ocap.application.OcapIxcPermission /service-2/signed/1/5205/* bind)
( read own)
(java.util.PropertyPermission mhp.ia.version.* read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission gem.recording.version.micro read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission gem.recording.version.minor read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission mhp.profile.* read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission mhp.ib.version.* read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission file.separator read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.hardware.host_id read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.cablecard.vct-id read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission mhp.eb.version.* read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission dvb.persistent.root read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.version.update read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.version.major read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.version read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.api.* read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.version.micro read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission mhp.option.* read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission line.separator read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.j.location read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.cablecard.manufacturer read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission havi.specification.version read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission havi.implementation.vendor read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission dvb.returnchannel.timeout read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission gem.recording.version.major read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.profile read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission havi.implementation.version read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission havi.specification.vendor read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission user.dir read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.version.minor read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.cablecard.version read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission path.separator read)
(java.util.PropertyPermission ocap.system.highdef read)
( localhost connect,listen,accept,resolve)

20110510 07:50:38.013 INFO RI.Stack- 8867 [pool-2] INFO application.Application$State - appid=15205 ~AUTO_PARTIALLY_LOADED->LOADED failed
20110510 07:50:38.016 INFO RI.Stack- 8870 [pool-2] INFO application.Application$State - appid=15205 ~AUTO_PARTIALLY_LOADED->DESTROYED success
20110510 07:50:38.016 INFO RI.Stack- 8870 [pool-2] INFO application.Application$State - appid=15205 DESTROYED->NOT_LOADED success
20110510 07:50:38.560 INFO RI.Stack- 9413 [pool-2] INFO application.Application$State - appid=15205 NOT_LOADED->NOT_LOADED failed
20110510 07:50:41.849 INFO RI.Stack- <mpe_siNotifyTableChanged> called...with tableType: OOB_NTT_SNS, changeType: 1
20110510 07:50:41.849 INFO RI.Stack- mpe_siSetGlobalState() state: 3
20110510 07:50:41.849 WARN RI.Stack- DC: Got unexpected message: 3011: 0000
20110510 07:50:42.067 INFO RI.Stack- 12921 [pool-1] INFO recording.RecordingManagerImpl - restoreRecordings: Storage not ready - deferring load of recording databa

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Joined: 2008-07-03

Can you please enable some more logging and then attach the complete log to this forum? In $OCAPROOT/bin/CableLabs/simulator/Win32/debug/env/mpeenv.ini, uncomment the following line and then run again:


Joined: 2008-07-03

The log file (RILog.txt) can be found in the $PLATFORMROOT directory.