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How to Enable the lowest level of trace for MPE in RI ?

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Joined: 2011-02-09

Hi All,
If i want to enable the lowest level of trace ( let's say TRACE9) for a particular module. How can I achieve it ?
I tried modifying the mpeenv.ini file for the same.
If I do LOG.MPE.STORAGE = ALL DEBUG // All the logs up to debug levels will be enabled for storage module.
But if I have to debug trace7 or trace 5 level, The what should be the parameter for this.
I tied with : LOG.MPE.STORAGE = ALL and LOG.MPE.STORAGE = ALL TRACE, but it didn't work.
Any assistance in this respect will be appreciated.

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Joined: 2010-10-13

As I know, "ALL" parameter turns on FATAL, ERROR, WARN, and INFO level so that LOG.MPE.STORAGE = ALL is exactly the same as LOG.MPE.STORAGE = FATAL ERROR WARN INFO.
While "DEBUG" parameter turns on DEBIG level, "TRACE" parameter turns on all trace level (TRACE1 ~ TRACE9).
But, there seems no TRACE level of print statement in storagemgr.c and mpeos_storage.c.
If you want to enable the lowest level of storage module, "ALL DEBUG" would be appropriate.

Joined: 2011-02-09

Thank you for your input, I have taken storage module just for an example, not aware that it does not have trace logs . There were other modules(like MPE.OS) also where i have enabled the same way and i did not receive the expected log. Sorry for that confusion.

As you mentioned specifying LOG.MPE.XXMODULEXX = ALL, will give logs only till info level. Also by LOG.MPE.XXMODULEXX = ALL TRACE, debug level will be missed.
So as per your input, my understanding is if I need all level of logs : ie from FATAL till TRACE level in a module, by specifying LOG.MPE.XXMODULEXX = ALL DEBUG TRACE i should be able to achieve that.
I tried this in MPE.OS module and was able to get all levels of logs :).