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How to decrypt content from a service?

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Hi everybody,

I want to perform a decryption process over a service before this is being presented on screen. I know this is possible using the JMF on a desktop computer through the Processor interface but I don't see this capability at the OCAP API. Is there a method of performing this kind of manipulation using the OCAP API?

I'm using a real set top box and I want to use verimatrix as a DRM in my VOD app.

Any idea?

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This is from OCAP spec (Section "In an OCAP environment, CA decryption is performed by the CableCARD device in a manner that is transparent to applications. The CableCARD device will initiate decryption of all authorized data without the application needing to explicitly ask for this action."

OCAP does not provide an explicit API for decryption. During the process of Service selection the host will initiate communication with CableCARD for conditional access verification. If CableCARD replies that decryption is possible the host will perform necessary steps to start decryption process. This is all hidden from the application. If conditional access is not granted by the CableCARD or failed due to some other reason the application is notified with appropriate events. See section CA System for more detail on this.