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HostSettings.getMainVideoOutputPort returns null

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Joined: 2009-03-02

I'm currently running 1.1.4 Rel E and have started getting null for vop in this snippet of code:

HostSettings hs = (HostSettings) Host.getInstance();
VideoOutputPort vop = hs.getMainVideoOutputPort( HScreen.getDefaultHScreen() );

Some quick regression testing with Rel C indicates that this is new behavior. Should the RI be returning a non-null value for the default screen's main video output port if we haven't previously called HostSettings.setMainVideoOutputPort(HScreen, VideoOutputPort) ?

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Joined: 2008-07-03

This is a known regression betwen RelC and RelD and it was not fixed in time for RelE. I think we are getting pretty close to a fix, but I will need SteveA or ChrisS to comment further.

Joined: 2009-03-02

Is there an entry for this in the issue tracker? I'd be interested in merging the fix into our own codebase when it's addressed.

Joined: 2009-07-21

Sorry for taking so long to respond. The issue is IT249. I have a fix that I am testing right now that should be checked in in a few days.