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Filtering on VCT ID

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Currently the RI does not appear to filter VCT tables based on their VCT_ID value. This means if there are multiple different VCT's the last one parsed "wins" rather than the correct VCT as specified in the DSG_Directory or feature_parameters APDU from the CableCard (see section 9.20.5 of the CCIF spec). This behaviour is seen in testing on a Cisco headend.

Is this filtering expected to be done entirely in a lower layer (i.e POD) or is it a bug?

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This APDU is sent by the card and is directed towards the eCM (host) for DSG filter configuration. The stack is not involved in this process. The stack expects to only receive the VCT that has been properly filtered by the eCM as directed by the CableCARD.

Our PC Platform can simulatethis sort of behavior. If you are using canned SI files that have more than one VCT ID in it, you can use the following variables in platform.cfg to configure VCT filtering:

# Should we filter SVCT FDC tables

RI.Platform.FilterSvct = FALSE

# What VCT_ID should we use to filter SVCT FDC tables

RI.Platform.FilterSvctId = 1


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It is true that the MPE SI layer does not filter VCT tables based on VCD_ID. It is expected to be done in the platform layer. The MPE layer expects to only receive tables that are already filtered for the host.