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Energy Star requirements in RI

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How does RI support energy star requirements for 1) tuner 2) HDD 3) Video Ports. Because stack is the controller of all these H/W resources, how is RI planning to implement the power down/up of these resources?
I've posted a similar discussion in

Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi Shobana,

I am not aware of any specific Energy Star requirements pertaining to the operation of any of the components that you mention. (But if you know of specific requirements, please let me know.) Rather, I'd expect that one would want to minimize the power use of such components when possible in order to reduce the "typical energy consumption" (per Energy Star) for the OCAP STB as a whole. I presume that this is what you are asking about.

Let me comment on each of the components that you mention, in turn:

1. Tuner: As I commented in the other thread, we agree that an API such as mpeos_mediaUntune(tuneird) would be helpful to indicate to the MPEOS layer when a specific tuner is eligible to be powered down.

2. HDD: I don't believe that anything new is needed to faciliate power down of HDDs. The RI is already used on platforms where HDD power management is handled at the driver level. In this approach, the HDD is spun down opportunistically after a period of inactivity, and spun up on demand when HDD I/O is requested. Do you know of any reason why such an approach is inadequate?

3. Video ports: Video ports are already disabled when OCAP is in standby mode, and the VideoOutputPort.disable() API (via (mpeos_dispEnableOutputPort(port, enable) ) signals the platform the port can be powered down. Do you know of any reason why this is inadequate?

We are presently looking into energy management strategies in OCAP, so your comments on the above would be appreciated.