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Client unable to playback the server recording

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Joined: 2011-11-23


Just wanted to get some info.

What are all the possibilites for a client playback to fail ?

Note: The playback was successful earlier for the same recording.

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Joined: 2011-07-20

There are various issues that could cause client playback to fail. In order to give you more useful information, either a step-by-step scenario of what caused the failure or a log file would be helpful.

Joined: 2011-11-23


Steps to reproduce

1.Setup a HN environment(1 client and 1 server)

2.Record few programs in the server.

3.Playback the recordings from client

4.First few times the client is able to playback.

5.After some time the same recording is not played back and the application goes to unexpected state.

The log has no call to

Has the application not called m/w?? When checked the app log, the resumePoint set had failed!!!