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JavaME SDK 3.0 Erasing database

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I recently stated using the SDK 3.0 and I've been having some trouble with it erasing the record stores every time it starts up, and sometimes even if I leave it open and just execute the midlet again it just seems to randonly erase the databases.
Is there a way to configure this so I can keep this information like in WTK 2?

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Joined: 2004-03-04

On the Java ME SDK 3.0 the behavior to "run" a MIDlet directly is to deploy the midlet, launch it and after midlet exit it do a cleanup which leaves emulator in initial state ready for another "run". Thus a recordstore is cleaned up as well.
This behavior is different when midlet is "installed" first. Then after midlet exits midlet remains installed in emulator and recordstore is not removed. If you need to keep recordstore between midlet launches it is the only way how to do this.
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-- Terrence
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