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JT Harness 4.3 has been released

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JT Harness 4.3 Feature Release (December 29, 2010)<
The JT harness 4.3 release is a feature release. It fixes bugs and it contains the following notable changes:

  • MDI and SDI window layout styles are no longer available.The tabbed window layout style is now the only available user interface.
  • GUI colors are now partially configurable in the Preferences dialog. Other settings are still available via command line.
  • During start-up, more information is provided to show progress.
  • Saving of previous desktop is now disabled by default (was enabled previous to this release).
  • Usability improved in the main test tree. Can select and right-click to choose from a context menu.

JT harness 4.3 is compatible with JT harness 4.2. For more information, visit the downloads page from the JT Harness project