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Why to use taskdef?

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I add the resource file in a resource folder and add it to Resources in my J2ME Netbeans Project
I call the resources like themes and images and others simply without using the code bellow in build file

name="build" />

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Anybody there?

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The developer guide explains that some tasks make more sense programmatically while others make more sense visually. The Ant task is useful if your workflow is mostly technical, you don't have to use it. We used it quite allot in the past but as the resource editors UI improved we slowly migrated to doing everything via the resource editor. However, quite a few LWUIT developers still like working with the Ant tasks to generate resource files, this makes sense if you are more comfurtable editing a properties file than using a GUI tool. This is also practical for cases where multiple people work on the data and need version control systems to keep history of the text files for merges (e.g. localization files).

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We use task to regenerate resources file with new localization files that we get from our another subsystem. All is automated in CI.