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VideoComponent on SE-jp-7 (k770i)

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Joined: 2007-12-08

Hi folks
i have a problem with new VideoCompoent control
i want to take snapshot image in a videocompoenent but the viewfinder when adding it to the form shows nothing
the intresting part is when the handset is idle and goes to standby mode (backlight turned off) and then resume the screen shows the camera output correctly. ofcourse, when first time it shows on screen at a fraction of second it show the camera outputs but after it it shows nothing.
where is the problem exactly? i dont think its a se device implementation bug because i test a simple canvas without lwuit and it works correctly
my code is something like this:

public class CameraForm extends Form {

private VideoComponent videoComponent = null;
public CameraForm{
//some initiation

public void initCamera{
videoComponent = VideoComponent.create("capture://video", "");
addComponent( videoComponent);


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Joined: 2003-11-07

Is it working with the old MediaComponent code?
It could be a bug related to the video control which is newer and not as tested as the media component.