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Upgrading from 1.4 to 1.5 LWUIT

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My application is totaly media player application where user can see play the video, delete the video and all.I have a query about upgrading the version of the LWUIT.

i am devloping media player application using 1.4 LWUIT.Now i want to upgrade LWUIT 1.4 to LWUIT 1.5.I was previouly using MediaComponent2 which is deperecated in the version 1.4 and remove from the 1.5 so is it physible to upgrade 1.4 to 1.5.and how many changes i need to do to achive this?



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we removed MediaComponent due to compatibility issues with other devices. The gist of it was that media component required you to write MMAPI code which is very platform specific.

VideoComponent should be a pretty easy migration and you can still access your old VideoControl etc. via getter methods in the video component, the main difference from MediaComponent is that now LWUIT creates the Player/VideoControl etc. for you and manages them for you. If you want to be truly portable just use the VideoComponent and its methods which should answer most use cases that currently exist in MediaComponent.

There is one area which we failed in and that is camera support which isn't as intuitive, we intend to add that support soon.