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There is a white rectangle when I click on the last column Table cell

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Hi all,

I created a class which derives from Table , and I override the createCell method to set the component uiid to "oddRow" and "evenRow" if the row is odd or even , because I want to set different background color for odd and even rows. When I run the application , then when I click on the last column cell of the Table then the grid line is "obscured" by a white rectangle. The white rectangle is very clear to see when I set the Table background to a darker color in the resource editor.

So how to make this white rectangle disappear ?

Also I want to know how to call from the Resource editor the component "oddRow" and "evenRow" I set in my code createCell ?

Thank you very much indeed

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Joined: 2003-11-07

You need to set the selected uiid.