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TextField issue on Android

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I'm using LWUIT 1.4 with thorsten's port.

I'm wrote a very simple android app that has a Form with a TextField. Once the form is displayed I tap on the text field to edit it, but very often the native keyboard is not displayed. I have to tap several times to have the native keyboard displayed. It's very hard to display the native keyboard. Some times nothing happen, some other the keyboard is displayed for some milliseconds and then disappear. Only e few times the keyboard appears and I can type in the text field.

The app is very simple. this is the snippet that creates the form:

Form f = new Form("Codifier");
f.addComponent(new Label("Enter Your Code"));
f.addComponent(new TextField());;

Do you have any idea about that issue?

How can I solve it?

Ugo Chirico

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Joined: 2003-11-07

As far as I know Thorsten's port relies on the trunk not on 1.4.

I'm using the Android port's VKB and it works well for me, there were many VKB changes in recent commits so maybe you have one of the broken revisions or Thorsten might have built against an older version. If you are up to date on SVN and incubator and it doesn't work let us know.


Joined: 2009-11-04

Ok. I downloaded the the very last version on SVN of LWUIT and Thorsten's port and now all seems to work.
There are some very little issues about native virtual keyboard, but they maybe due to the specific device where I'm testing the app. I'll let you know more specifics details if I found that on other devices.

Many Thanks.