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Switching focus on controls between forms

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I have a BaseForm that extends from Form and a DerivedFrom that extends from BaseForm.
BaseForm has a few Buttons and Derived has a few of its own. The application shows the DerivedForm from the Midlet and hence all buttons from the Base and Derived Forms are visible. The focus is automatically set to the first control on the BaseForm. The focus cycles on the controls only on the BaseForm and the DerivedForm controls never receive it.
I have overriden the KeyReleased method of the BaseForm. When the focus is on a particular Button on the BaseForm I get an instance of the DerivedForm and set focus on a Button of the Derived form but it does not work.
Any other way to switch the focus from BaseForm to DerivedForm and vice-versa.
I hope my problem is clear.
Best Regards,
Salil Khanwalkar.

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We have such forms with no issue and without any special cases. Use a debugger to see that the focus vectors are created correctly.