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Joined: 2011-09-05

Am back again!! this time I hav a label on a form that houses an image that I hav set to BorderderLayout.CENTER

to act as ma splash screen.. Buh am stucked here..

Using lcdui I could create a splash screen in sec., buh with lwuit..its a mess..

ended up placing a cmdButton for user to click to load next form

please can I hav any sample source code that can do this?

cant bear to see ma splash in such a mess..!!

I no its has sumfin todo with threading buh hav not a single idea abt it..URGENT HELP NEEDED PLIIIIISSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

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Joined: 2012-03-14

Write your application so that all business logic runs off one thread. This thread should should spin continuously:

public void run() {
while (true) {
//check if new event received. if not, wait, else process the event

Now, for the splash you create a class that extends form. add a timertask to this class. add a button to the class. if the user press the button you fire an business event which your business logic thread will pick up. if the timertask expire the same is fired.

this is easy stuff mate.

Joined: 2011-09-05

jkoorts...cant say how mch i appreciate ur help thus far!! buh please cani get a source code on how to create
the splash screen?? hav tried several mins buh jst if u help me with d splash screen, i wud wholeheartedly appreciate!!
thanks..xpect rply.. amuche