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Something impossible is happening in navigation with seemingy no code

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Joined: 2011-08-29

Well this one has me yelping like a bear being hit by a car.. I have a button that when I click it, it goes to another form - at some point I did define this behaviour, I remember it and its what I want - but now I want to make sure it will only move on under certain conditions so im looking for the code that once the button is hit loads the next form. Problem is IT DOESNT EXIST - im very confused at this and its holding me right up - i checked the "command" and the "action event" - these take me to the code which adds uncompilable code to netbeans (this is a very frustrating one in itself) - so how the hell is this button taking me to a new screen if theres no code at all in there to do it? I cant even really explain the issue all too well - the form its taking me too is called "RegistrationGIC" but there is no refernce to any form like this being loaded in my code - please help me work out what the hell is going on..

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Joined: 2011-08-29

Basically a lot of the time with the lwuit editor you have to sit and rename everything, load, reload, compile, save and pray hard, repeat this for 3 hours of your wasted life and MAYBE it will work, this is so depressing, I cant do such a simple task - and there is no solution :(

ive even deleted all the code relating to this button yet it magically still can do its past action which has been wiped!!!

EDIT: best solution appears to be to simply delete the gui component, and make a new one, then it seems to work.. which is a bit of a work around right now :)

EDIT 2: ARGGGH someone shoot me in the head - once you duplicate a form then you get these issues all over again!! code that DID work fine before the newly duplicated form suddenly stops working- entering me into a whole world of pain! I hope the devs can fix this one as high priority :-)

Edit 3: I dont want to sound negative because this 1.5 drop with gui editor is revolutionising my life compared to my usual canvas route, but I would also like to see 2 other things fixed :

1 - window should remember its position when u go from one ui and back

2- the tooltip text simply gets in the way, would be great if there was some menu item to simply say "toggle tooltip text" sometimes its really annoying..

again thanks for the excellent work, despite its minor flaws still :-D

EDIT 4!! Ive found that if i duplicate a form, and the name of the button is the same thats when it messes up, ive taken to simply typing random letters after the button variable to fix it, ie "activatebutton" becomes "activatebuttonskdskd" and this sees to avoid issues so far....

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It sounds like the command id is identical between two commands, this is an issue I ran into in the past but wasn't able to reproduce. The workaround is rather simple though: just change the command id.