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Please help with theme - Menu isn't shown completely

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I'm trying to create a theme which looks a bit like the default Nokia S40 look.

The result is far from perfect, but it's ok so far (it is tweaked for my application, the default app looks strange

with it).

What I'm struggling with is:

I've got 3 commands, if I open the CommandList via Left Softkey (Menu) a List of those Commands is displayed -

but the Menu size is too small to fit all of them, and it requires scrolling. How can I adjust

the Menu size so all of them fit?

How can I use another CommandList renderer, so I don't get the numbers displayed?

Thanks in advance :)

s40test.zip30.53 KB

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There is a theme constant preference to hide the numbers for commands and another one to use preferred size for the menu. There is another couple that allow determining the menu sizes in percentages.

Joined: 2011-06-22

Thank you very much.

Ressource Editor -> constants




were the right ones!