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Menu with a dialog

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I'm making a project for my final work and I have the following problem:
I've made a class that extends a dialog. In this class I create 3 commands and an actionlistener. So due the 3 commands, lwuit creates e menu. And the problem is that when I select a command in the menu, the menu freezes. The only thing i can do is click the cancel button, and the menu disappears. After I pressed the cancel buttonthe program continues, and the action i had selected before it froze, is still executed.

some background information: I firt make a bluetoothconnection with a PLC. This PLC then send me some data and of the data I make some buttons. When I press a button such a dialog appears. I don't know why the menu freezes when i press a command in the menu, because when I press a command in a menu somewehere else in my program, the menu works perfect.

Does anyone know what to do?


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You need to spawn a thread or use invokeAndBlock to process a long running task from a LWUIT event. See the many discussions about the LWUIT EDT.