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Master-Slave form in LWUIT

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Hello colleagues!
Small question - did anybody face a need to create master-slave form using LWUIT? The task is following: I need to have a sort of grid with order's short details, and a separate field to reflect the selected order's extended details. I thought about using a Table component - but didn't find how to show cursor within a table. If to use a simple GroupBox than I don't know how to catch cursor position changing event and how to obtain the currently highlighted row number.
So meanwhile I have no clue how to realize this task. Does anybody have an idea?
Thank you very much in advance!

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Sounds kinky.
I'm guessing you mean master-details ;-)

Usually we do that with a List, you can just track selection events in the list and since the list can hold arbitrary objects (with a renderer just like Swing) you can use them to display the detail information. Just build a vector or if the data set is really large a list model and construct a list.
Add a selection listener to the list and update the detail components based on selection.