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LWUIT Textarea multi lines manipulation

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I switch from lcdui to lwuit because lwuit enable me to add 2 textareas to one screen. You can not do it with lcdui. However, I am facing the following problem.

I want to use numeric 1 to 9 only with the two symbol * and # which is placed on the left and right at the bottom of phone keypad below digit 7 and 9. So, I set the textarea constraint to PHONENUMBER (TextField.PHONENUMBER). I am using Nokia C1 with Series 40 6th Edition SDK. How to go to the nextline, similiar to the desktop computer keyboard ENTER key? I press arrow down key on the phone keypad, it does not go to new line.

Highly appreciate if someone can guide me. If you need a fee, please contact me at

Thank you.

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