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Lwuit Incubator - OCA email id to participate ?

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Following on my earlier query @ Announcing the LWUIT Incubator.

I have tried sending mail to the said email id LWUIT_COMMUNITY_WW@ORACLE.COM, but still my mail is bounced back by the oracle mail systems. My scanned OCA document pdf size is just 411 KB so the failure cannot be due to attachment size exceeding the limit. I have also tried to sending mail using my accounts on Google mail and Yahoo mail but it failed for either cases, please find attached the error snaps. The common error that i could observe is 'Internal Lists are not available from the Internet', probably the above email-id is accessible internally within the company.

Can you please let me know the publicly accessible email-id ?

ErrorLogs.pdf80.93 KB

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Damn... Our PM just left last month so I don't even have anyone to ask about that, we released our 1.5 docs with that email embedded into it...

Send it to me and I will pass it on (anyone reading this, I NEVER answer personal email, EVER. Its a matter of policy otherwise my inbox just gets more flooded than the 300 emails I get daily).

My emali is shai (dot) almog (at) oracle (dot) com.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Joined: 2010-11-06

Thank you very much for your support. I have sent the mail using my email-id divecha (DOT) vimal (AT) gmail (DOT) com

My genuine request to the readers to PLEASE abide to the policies to NOT send ANY mail to any of the email ids mentioned in this post.

Shai, i sincerely appreciate your extended support. And i am looking forward for my participation in the incubator project.