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LWUIT Blackberry - empty menu

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Joined: 2006-05-28

Ive got a midlet which I have managed to build and run on Blackberry using RIM_UI blackberry lwuit port. It works pretty nice apart from:
- "back" commands dont appear in the menu when I hit the blackberry menu key, I can use setBackCommand instead to make it work with the blackberry back key which is fine actually - just wondering why they don appear, the rest do..
- if there is no commands on that screen (ie only a back command which wont get added) then the blackberry menu key brigns up an empty menu, which is misleading, ugly and pointless, is there a way to stop the menu appearing if it has nothing on it? I dont mind if the user has to hit the blackberry back key but I want the empty menu to simply not appear when they hit the blackberry menu key..
Thanks in advance folks,

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Joined: 2003-11-07

Did you change the command behavior flag in your application? (or use touch commands/native commands API's).
By default these should work just fine and back should stay in place on the blackberry.