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LWUIT for android

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I've a fully working LWUIT application. And now the last weeks i'm searching for a way to create the application for an android device.

I've found the next page:, Wich is really helpfull. But he goes also very fast.

I understand that you need ant to build the .apk file. Ant uses a xml file to generate the .apk file. But I don't understand wich path I must fill in on wich location in the xml file. And I also don't understand what files I need for converting it. (I've already downloaded the android files from the LWUIT-INCUBATOR svn).

Does anyone have some experience with this?



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I don't use Eclipse much but I think its much simpler to do the following:

1. Create new Android project.

2. Copy the source files from the UI/src dir into the project

3. Copy the source files from the IO/src dir into the project

4. Copy Thorstens android SRC dir into your project (make sure to overwrite classes that thorsten redefined).

Follow his sample to create your activity.