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Long press delete and alt + delete on lwuit blackberry

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Hello everyone,

i would like to get confirmed that long pressed delete button in an TextField does not work an th lwuit BlackBerry implementation. Expected is, that the whole content gets deleted after a while (long press) and i can see code regarding that in the source but it just does not apply!?

Another but similiar question: Alt + delete (which deletes from the beginning) does not work either but i am pretty sure since i did not find any code regarding that, that this features is not supported in the BlackBerry port for TextFields?



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Joined: 2003-11-07

If you are using the latest trunk then all editing on RIM should be done using the native edit field and ignore the code within text field.

This was done since RIM has multiple device input types (touch, ITUT, QWERTY & Perl) in production and quite a few others in its docs. They have been horrible about compatibility for anyone not using the native input e.g. in their ITUT device they actually send the character as an event rather than the number, ugh. This effectively means that the only way to get input on a RIM device is to use the native input, which is exactly what we are doing, hence we can't provide proper control over the native device input.