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List Action Listener Problem

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List is displayed in the form.
when i press the select key in the mobile then

List Event is Triggered i.e.
list.addActionListener(new ActionListener() {
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt) {


Inside the this List ActionListener
Dialog box is displayed with "Yes" and "No" command and with the content "Want to Download?"
if i press "No" then close the dialog box
if i press "Yes" then some HTTP Connection coding written inside and a Dialog box showing with the content "Downloading..."
here for the Dialog box setTimeOut property is set as 1000
for this HTTP Response accordingly the program run
i.e. if HTTP Response is 404 then the Dialog box display the "File is Not Found in the Server"
if HTTP Response is OK then the Download the file from the server and Dialog box display the "Download Completed"

In the above sequence while the program showing Dialog box the "Downloading..."
if i press the center key then again the List ActionListener caught the Event then the process start again.
I don't know what is the problem here.
My Question if i am in the middle of the one Event, if i trigger the same component then the Listener caught that one and trigger the Event?
Please help me.

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