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Initialise one list

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Joined: 2011-10-21

I have a problem with Editor of Lwuit.
I want initialize a form but i don't no how do it ? In fact , in my form i have a list which i want initialize with a http request.
I use the method "onCreateInterface" where Interface is the name of my form that i want initialize.
When I add file jar to a classpath with Netbeans on ressources after i generated the code with Lwuit Editor, I don't reach run it. I have one error each time which say that it don't see one class which is in one of file jar that i added ?

Please help me .


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Joined: 2003-11-07

There are several rather unclear questions here.

To initialize the form you need to have data, if you need to fetch it over HTTP you should have done it before showing the form or you can do it while the form is visible and update when the result is returned. To fetch data from the internet use ConnectionRequest and NetworkManager from the io package.

To update form data just use findMyFieldName().setText(value);

Adding jar's to the Netbeans class should generally work but make sure you include it in the actual distribution. The actual error messages might help.