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How to make Theme permanent across Form re-show ?

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Hi all,

I created a Theme in the resource Editor , and I applied it in the constructor of a first opened Form named MenuPrincipal which is opened from the Midlet startApp() :

r ="/resources.res");

tTheme = r.getTheme("Theme");


There is a second Form ,named ListCredit, which is shown from the MenuPrincipal Form, which contains a Table, and this Table is concerned with the Theme : this is about the background color of the Table components cells ( odd rows and even rows ) and their fonts. I set the cells UIID in the constructor of the ListCredit Form.

The problem is that when I show a new Form from the ListCredit Form and after I go back to the ListCredit Form through the menu , ListCredit.showBack(); , then the styles about the cells of the Table in the ListCredit Form are lost ! That is the odd and even rows are not colored , their fonts are not as in the resource Editor.

So how to make the styles of the Table cells permanent across multiple re-show ?

PS : For other objects outside the Table in the ListCredit Form, such as Label, their styles are not changed , for example their fonts. It is only the Table which is concerned with the problem.

Thank you very much indeed

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