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How to Initialize ContainerList with selectedItem?

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I have a List object which is filled with rows from a sqlite database. One of the list items is made the selected item when initializing and the List is configured with List.FIXED_LEAD. The ContainerList is then created based on the getModel of the List. I would expect the ContainerList to take over the selection of the ListModel of the List but it is completly ignoring it. How can i initialize the ContainerList with a selected item at the top of the List?

This is the code i use to create the ContainerList:



ContainerList cntCountriesList = new ContainerList(lstCountries.getModel());

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The container list should "jump" to the selected entry when the model changes or has a none-zero selected index.

I'm not exactly sure I understand the problem description, can you illustrate it with a sample use?