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Feeding Data from a backend for a control!!!

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Please wanted to critically find out how I coould fetch data using PHHP as ma backend..hav not a single idea.. please I need an answer to this question..DO NOT WANT this to JUST be viewed and NOT be answered... I use LWUIT 1.5 but need to fetch from a backend and need a reliable backend llike PHP or any other but dnt no how to go abbout it.. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED BY YOU VPRISE OR ANY OTHER!!! ITS KIND URGENT!!1 Running lwuit on android with microemulator › please wanted to clarify ma i want to do is say for example if i have a form with textboxes that requir user to enter data and store the data in a database that can be say a user enters text in a textbox and clicks on submit, how do i handle such database? and how can i query dat database into a control like feeding a textbox or label information from a database for user to view? all i want is linking my UI's to a reliable backend..Just how do I go about this??? NEED REPLY ASAP..AGAIN: DO NOT JUST VIEW AND NOT REPLY PLEASE..ITS PRETY URGENT!!! THANKS.... UCHE

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Why can't you just make an HTTP GET request, parse the reply, and populate the text fields? Same thing with posting data: read the values from text fields, build a post string and then issue and HTTP POST request to send the data to the server.

Once again, you are asking a very open-ended question. There are many ways to accomplish what you are trying to do and not knowing the details of your application it is hard to suggest anything specific.

BTW, just out of curiocity, what is the urgency? It seems that your project is still in the very early stages.