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error to focus on command button in new GUI

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Hello All,

I create one application that was first created form GUI Latest Resources Editor. In that form i have one ok button and when i will click an Ok button then i will create an form through coding and i write a code of creating my next form in the validation of Ok button that is

protected boolean onFormOk() {
// If the resource file changes the names of components this call will break notifying you that you should fix the code
boolean val = super.onFormOk();
Form f=new Form("Demo");

f.addCommand(new Command("Ok")
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) {;

f.addCommand(new Command("Back")
public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent ae) {;
return val;

When i use touch screen then ok and back command will work but when i use simple emulators then ok and back command doesn't work or i can't focus on it. Only it will display on the screen but not worked when i click left or right softbutton of the emulator.

So please help me to solve this error as soon as earlier and send me some example to how can i do it.

Advance Thank you and sorry for my english.

Rashmita Sahoo

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Which theme are you using. Check if the commandBehavior constant is defined to anything and remove that definition from the theme.