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display tooltip for button using new gui builder theme editor

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Joined: 2011-03-23

Hi All,
I having a project that was created by using New GUI Builder Theme Editor as Application->Generate Netbeans Project->GUI 1->NewProject as name of my project.
i was create 4 buttons into form having container that was display in the bottom of the screen as vertical. I want to display a tooltip(that contains text of button) when i got focuse into button after that tooltip will be disapper when focus lost from button as like as in all websites such as google website(when you focus into textbox it display a search tooltip and when focus lost it will be disapper).
Is it possible to do like this? If yes then please help me as possible as soon with some code or example.
Advance Thank you and sorry for my english.

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Joined: 2003-11-07

Its hard to imagine how this will look since when using touch you have no focus and when using a keypad a tooltip might obscure the content. You can place a text area at the bottom of the screen and bind a focus listener to the form, in the focus listener just update the text area.