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Dialog not getting disposed when called from a thread.

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Hi ,

I am facing an issue in disposing a dialog. i have a method in which i am just creating a non-modal dialog and displaying it. And i am using this as a audio player and once the song gets finished i am just calling dispose on this dialog. Everything is working fine but the issue comes when i try to call this method from a different thread.

When i call this from a different thread then the audioplayer(Dialog) gets popped up and all the controls work, but dialog is not getting disposed and its blocking the entire screen.not able to understand where am i going wrong with this. for this dialog i am having a command called "Cancel" in which i am doing like this:

if (cmd.getId() == MyConstants.SMALLPLAYERBACK) {

if (myAudioPlayer != null) {

myAudioPlayer.close(); // myAudioPlayer is an instance of Player

myAudioPlayer = null;


if (SongDetailsController.lockObject != null) {

synchronized (SongDetailsController.lockObject) {




audioPlayer.dispose(); //audioPlayer is my Dialog's instance

createInfoDialog("Info ", "Hey i have done disposed the small player and now i am showing this", new Command("OK"));


Also tried to dispose the dialog with callserially and callseriallyandwait(), But none of them worked in my case.

Runnable dispose = new Runnable() {

public void run() {

if(audioPlayer != null)





private void disposeAudioPlayer()




But no luck as of now, nothing worked in my case.

so i just want to know can i dispose a dialog from a thread? Or is there anything that i'm missing here? Can anyone please help me.

Thanks in advance


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Joined: 2003-11-07

LWUIT is not threadsafe by design, you need to only invoke LWUIT on the EDT.

To dispose the dialog just use Display.getInstance().callSerially(new Runnable() {

public void run() {