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Developing app using LWUIT GUI builder vs development with out it

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Joined: 2010-12-15

Hi Team,

I congradulate the LWUIT team with the release of LWUIT 1.5, great job. Coding with lwuit has been a nice experience.

I have a few questions regarding the trade off we"ll have to make while using GUI builder,

a) The code that is generated when we create the net beans project from the GUI builder is pretty much more than when we code to achieve the same,

just wanted to know if we can in any way trim the code so as to reduce the jar size.

b) What advantage do we have using GUI builder apart from the ability to create UI using drag and drop options.

c) Cant we achieve port-friendly code with out the use of GUI builder.

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Joined: 2003-11-07

a) Other than obfuscation (which we highly recommend) not much. You pay with a bit more code than hand coded UI.

b) Live preview in the GUI builder. Separation of UI/logic. Ability to dynamically download a new UI to the device without installing a new app.

c) Sure you can. The GUI builder is entirely optional.

See the LWUIT demo which was created manually without the GUI builder and is quite portable.